Partner (spouse) visa in Australia

There are many aspects involved when attempting to get a spouse visa in Australia. There is a certain procedures that must be fulfilled by all the applicants given that this country has tough immigration laws that should be followed by all people applying for visas. However, the department of immigration has a right to decline an application.

Australian partner spouse visa. A husband living in Australia can apply for a visa for the wife to join him in this nation. There are certain conditions that should be fulfilled by the applicant before she is granted the permit to live in Australia. The department of immigration is concerned with verifying certain documents that are seen as very important when carrying out this application.

A spouse should also be in a position to attach a marriage certificate to the application for visa as proof that she is legally married to the man living in this country. A certified affidavit can also be attached to the application as proof of a relationship between the two people involved. Some people have a tendency of using fake documents in order to obtain visas to other countries.

It is also important for the wife to go for medical checkup at a specific center that is chosen by the Australian embassy. People suffering from chronic diseases may not be granted visas to go to this country since they are regarded as not fit to stay there. HIV and AIDS tests are also performed on all aspiring immigrants to this nation.

It is imperative for the husband to show that he will be able to look after the wife during their stay in this country. He has to attach proof of income so as to be able to show the amount of money he earns. The reason for doing this is to try to reduce the number of economic immigrants since these are problematic in many ways. There are certain standards of life that should be maintained by every person living in this country.

Even if a wife is able to get part time work in this country, she must comply with the rules and regulations stated on the work permit that belongs to the husband. If the permit for the husband is terminated, then the wife is also deported from this country. The wife would only be in this country because of the husband.

Over and above, it can be noted that there are various aspects that ought to be given prominence in as far as obtaining a visa for a spouse in Australia is concerned. All immigrants to this country should satisfy a lot of conditions before they are granted visas. However, the government is obliged to reject an application if it does not satisfy all the requirements. It is best to employ a qualified and registered migration agent such as McArdle Legal Sydney to give yourself the best possible chance of your application being successful saving you time and money.

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